There are still areas with poor GSM signal.

For example:

-Parking lots, Tunnels

-Big Stores

-Cars, boats, Office buildings, Hotels

-Houses in remote area




What TERACOM GSM BOOSTER will achieve for you:

1. A cheap and immediate solution that would allow you have clear phone calls or higher internet speed.

2. No more dropped calls! No more poor reception.

3. No more running to the windows or going outside to talk on your mobile phone.

4. Now you can reach everywhere with signal boosters.


We are focused on mobile signal boosters and a pioneering force in the signal booster industry. As cell signal booster technology has progressed throughout the years, we have been here to help consumers and businesses get better cell signal and faster data speeds.

We have rich expericence in signal booster reseach and development, we have won a high reputaion both on quality and services from all of our customers




We provide complete wireless network design services for all major wireless technologies including; GSM, CDMA, TDMA, EDGE, GPRS and UMTS, WIMAX, WI-FI. Our approach is based on detailed accurate analysis and planning. Our expertise in various technologies ensures that each network design meets the clients specific requirements for performance and reliability at a very reasonable cost.

We offer a great variety of customized services to meet customer requirement. They include:
Network monitoring and optimization in areas or cities with poor KPIs: this is achieved by drive test and parameter adjustments,Single Site Verification,Network Cluster Optimization,RF and MW frequency scanning,Network benchmarking,Site nomination and selection,Microwave Line of Sight planning,Civil work design,RF planning,BTS Audit,Equipment Installation (RF, MW, Shelter, Power Systems),Cell site maintenance,Laying and termination of copper cables,Procurement, installation and maintenance of electricity generators and Inverters,PABX installation and maintenance




Teracom Technology Solutions has a wide range of experience in communication systems design and management. This includes network design and expansion, fiber optic communication, satellite and wireless systems implementation, and remote sensing/monitoring.


Network Design and Expansion


Fiber Optics Communication

Our approach includes:


Satellite, Microwave and wireless systems implementation